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Edison light bulbs are a versatile decoration for anyone looking to add a touch of vintage charm to their home. With a looser, more visible filament, these bulbs are perfect for shade-free displaying and come coiled in a wide range of styles. Edison bulbs are ideal for creating a rustic or industrial look in your home office.

- Keep the light bulbs dim – Edison bulbs give off a warmer light when dimmed, emphasising their electric visuals.

- Select the best colour temperature – Edison bulbs give off a golden light with a colour temperature of around 200 Kelvins, delivering that iconic vintage look.

- Decorate your desk – Add a dimmable, industrial-style Edison bulb lamp to your desk to add personality to your home office.

- Try hanging bare bulb pendants – Hang Edison bulb pendants to make your home office feel cozier. You can find various styles of bulb shapes, such as pear-shaped, globe, or tubular.

- Place the bulbs on a DIY headboard – Making a headboard is a fairly easy and inexpensive project. Consider placing some stylish Edison light bulbs on it to make your home office feel more relaxed.

Characteristics Values
Type of bulb Carbon filament, antique filament, squirrel cage, tungsten filament
Style Industrial, rustic, vintage, steampunk, gothic, Victorian, Scandinavian, traditional
Colour temperature 200 Kelvins
Use case Not for reading or other tasks requiring bright light; best for ambient lighting
Installation Hanging bare-bulb pendants, chandeliers, vanity mirrors, DIY headboards, centrepieces, outdoor spaces


Edison bulbs for task lighting vs. ambient lighting

Edison bulbs are a popular choice for those looking to add a vintage glow to their home office. They are known for their distinct look, characterised by loose and squiggly tungsten filaments that emit a warm, ambient light. When it comes to task lighting vs. ambient lighting, here are some things to consider:

Task Lighting with Edison Bulbs

Task lighting refers to lighting that is used for specific tasks such as reading or work that requires bright light. Edison bulbs are not typically used for task lighting due to their lower brightness compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They produce about half the brightness of normal incandescent bulbs while consuming the same amount of energy. This makes them inefficient for task lighting purposes. However, if you are going for a super warm, dark, and cozy feel, incandescent Edison bulbs can be a decorative choice for task lighting, especially if supplemented with other light sources.

Ambient Lighting with Edison Bulbs

Ambient lighting is all about creating a mood and accentuating the surroundings. This is where Edison bulbs truly shine. Their warm, golden light and iconic vintage look make them ideal for ambient lighting. They are perfect for night-time lighting, helping to maintain healthy sleep patterns. The low colour temperature of Edison bulbs, often around 200 Kelvins, contributes to their ambient lighting capabilities. Their relaxing glow can enhance the atmosphere of your home office, making it a more inviting and relaxing space.

Design Ideas for Your Home Office

When incorporating Edison bulbs into your home office, consider these design ideas:

  • Dimmable industrial-style desk lamp: Add personality to your home office with a dimmable Edison bulb table lamp.
  • Hanging bare bulb pendants: Install dimmable, pear-shaped Edison bulb pendants for a simple and inexpensive way to make your home office feel cozier.
  • DIY headboard: Create a DIY headboard for your home office and place stylish Edison bulbs on it for a unique and relaxing touch.
  • Lounge area lighting: Place Edison bulbs lower down to simulate the cozy atmosphere of a fireplace in your lounge area.
  • Bold backdrop: For a special event or party, create a bold backdrop with bright Edison bulbs to wow your guests.


DIY Edison bulb headboard

If you're looking to add a touch of industrial chic to your home office, why not try crafting an Edison bulb headboard? Here's a step-by-step guide to help you create a stunning feature for your bedroom.

Materials and Tools:

  • Edison light bulbs (various shapes and styles)
  • Cloth-covered wire (in colours of your choice)
  • Bulb sockets (brass or bronze)
  • Junction boxes
  • Regular wire
  • Wiring caps
  • Wire strippers
  • Wooden slats/boards and a simple box frame
  • Screws (optional: square screw heads for decoration)
  • Heavy-duty hooks
  • Drill and bits
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Screwdrivers
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Safety glasses

Step 1: Planning and Preparation:

Start by deciding on the design of your headboard. Choose a variety of Edison bulbs in different shapes and styles to create a unique look. You can also select cloth-covered wire in colours that complement your room's decor. Source your materials, taking advantage of cost-saving options like eBay or Amazon. Remember to buy enough to allow for any mistakes or future replacements. Plan the layout of your bulbs, considering varied heights and rows for a dynamic design.

Step 2: Creating the Wooden Frame:

Stain or paint the wooden slats/boards to your desired colour. Attach them to a simple box frame, creating a rectangular shape that will form the base of your headboard. Ensure the frame is sturdy and secure.

Step 3: Wiring the Bulbs:

Drill holes in the wooden frame to feed the cloth-covered wire through. Decide on the length of each wire, cutting them accordingly to create a varied height for the bulbs. Attach the wire to each bulb socket, and then wire the sockets into the wooden frame. Ensure electrical safety by using junction boxes and wiring caps to secure connections.

Step 4: Mounting the Headboard:

Attach heavy-duty hooks to the ceiling, and use chains or rope to hang the wooden frame securely. Ensure the frame is level and stable.

Step 5: Testing and Adjustments:

Before finalising the mounting, test each light bulb to ensure all connections are secure. Adjust the placement of the bulbs as needed to achieve your desired look. Enjoy your new Edison bulb headboard!

Creating an Edison bulb headboard is a fun project that can add a unique, industrial touch to your bedroom. Remember to prioritise safety when working with electrical components, and always consult a professional if you're unsure.


Edison bulb chandeliers

Edison bulbs are a versatile decoration for anyone looking to add a touch of vintage charm to their home. They work well in rustic environments, and those who prefer an industrial design should try incorporating them.

  • Select the right colour temperature: Edison light bulbs are known for their golden light, which has a decorative charm. The colour temperature of Edison bulbs is typically around 200 Kelvins, which is lower than most modern light bulbs, giving them that iconic vintage look.
  • Create a bold backdrop: For a stunning effect at a party or wedding, create a bold backdrop using bright Edison bulbs. Simply replace the usual string lights with Edison bulbs. You will need a large wall to hang your Edison bulb backdrop.
  • Add a steampunk touch: The atmospheric potential of Edison bulbs is not limited to indoor use. You can dress up your outdoor space in a steampunk style, adding to the overall enjoyment of your guests.
  • Consider your lighting purpose: Edison bulbs are not designed for tasks that require bright lighting, such as reading. Instead, they work best as ambient lights to accentuate the surroundings and create a relaxing glow. Consider using Edison bulbs for night-time lighting, as the warmth they generate can help maintain healthy sleep patterns.
  • Enhance your relaxation spots: In addition to the bedroom, other relaxation spots in your home can benefit from the ambient lighting potential of Edison bulbs. Place the bulbs lower than other lighting fixtures to simulate the cosy atmosphere of a fireplace.
  • Choose the right chandelier for your space: Edison bulb chandeliers come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs. For example, the Linea di Liara Bella Chandelier is perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, foyers, and entryways. On the other hand, the Loft Essentials Mid-Town Office Light is ideal for smaller spaces, such as a home office or dining room.


Edison bulb pendants

Types of Edison Bulb Pendants

Where to Hang Edison Bulb Pendants

Complementary Design Styles

The vintage style of Edison bulb pendants complements several design styles. If you have a rustic or industrial-themed home office, these pendants will fit right in. They also work well with minimalist designs, such as the Scandinavian style, and can add a touch of antique charm to a traditional space.

Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere

Edison bulbs emit a warm, golden light that can help create a relaxing atmosphere in your home office. Their low colour temperature, often around 200 Kelvins, contributes to a cosy and inviting space. Consider using dimmable bulbs and keeping the lighting soft to enhance the electric filament's visual appeal.


Industrial-style Edison bulb lamps

Design and Style

The industrial design movement draws inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces, often featuring raw or exposed elements like metal, brick, and wood. Edison bulbs complement this style with their visible, squiggly filaments and warm, golden glow. The bulbs' low colour temperature of around 200 Kelvins adds to the retro-style effect.


It's important to remember that Edison bulbs are primarily ambient lights, perfect for enhancing the atmosphere and creating a cosy, relaxing space. They are not designed for tasks requiring bright light, such as reading. Instead, consider placing them lower than other fixtures to simulate a fireplace's cosy atmosphere.

Desk Lamps

A great way to incorporate Edison bulbs into your home office is through desk lamps. These can add a steampunk or vintage flair to your workspace. Look for industrial-style desk lamps with metal cages or pipes, and consider models with adjustable brightness to set the mood.

Hanging Pendants

Bare Edison bulb pendants can make a bold statement in your home office. Hang them from the ceiling, either individually or in clusters, to create a unique lighting feature. Pear-shaped bulbs or other bulb shapes can be paired with industrial-style pendants for an on-trend look.

Floor Lamps

For a larger lighting feature, consider an industrial floor lamp with Edison bulbs. These lamps often feature multiple bulbs, such as the SUNMORY Farmhouse Industrial Floor Lamp, which has three LED Edison bulbs. This type of lamp can be a striking addition to your home office while also providing adjustable lighting.

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Edison bulbs are a great way to add a touch of vintage charm to your home office. Here are some ideas to get you started:

If you're looking for a bold statement piece, consider replacing the traditional bulbs in your chandelier with Edison bulbs.

What is special about Edison bulbs?

Are there any other benefits to using Edison bulbs besides their unique appearance?

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